Defeating Downtime with 5nines.
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How much would server downtime cost you now?

Why not find out for yourself by using our FREE Recovery Time and
Downtime Cost Calculator.

This tool can be used to evaluate your recovery time objective (RTO - maximum time you can afford to take to resume normal IT service) and recovery point objective (RPO – the maximum amount of data you can afford to lose without impacting upon your business) and provide you with an estimated cost of downtime based on your recovery time.

Do you have a disaster recovery procedure in place? If you do, have you tested it recently? 

5nines eliminates a costly downtime in all circumstances.


How to protect your data with 5nines.
What are the notable benefits using a 5nines solution compared to conventional back up solutions?

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70% of Businesses who suffer a server failure go out of business within the year. Don’t be one of them.

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PRODUCTS: Read more about our revolutionary back up
solutions 5nines Enterprise and 5nines Lite.

Business Continuity: Business continuity keepings your business up and running in any situation.

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BACK-UP SOLUTIONS: Do you still backup using
traditional back up technology?

Data Backup Recovery: Data backup & recovery allows businesses to protect and store their valuable data

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RESOURCES: Read more about Disaster Recovery
and Business Continuity considerations

Disaster Recovery Solutions: 5nines disaster recovery solutions offer you peace of mind in a number ways

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